Saturday, January 22, 2011

I woke up this morning (well, afternoon really) with the feeling like something happened last night that I could vaguely remember--that feeling where everything's quiet, and when you start remembering things you start regretting them, but you're not sure if they actually happened or if you just dreamed it. It's strange because nothing like that happened last night. So, I guess it was all the weird dreams that I had.

Also, some lyrics to a song that's been in my head today:

"...Take a number, the apple seeds rained upon each slumber
A hundred thousand freaks on parade for the village hunter
My every when acted upon has gone loopy...

Tummy full of sand running man impossible
There's a wing in my gut and I'm all dust
Surfing the earth and I dine-rise certainly flushed
Now one in the hand is worth two atop the tallest cedar
But what lies inside my heart is off the mother fucking meter...

...I don't play in the man race cycle
Hope floater
Gloating inside carnal indifference till doom cops are slight
and potent quotas
I'm 20 something pumping acrylic tomorrow side ways
Blazing passage with a map tattooed on the back of the classless
Now tip toe across a lost cause
Because a lost cause found
Don't mean you found a cause
That means you found a lost cause...

See the Water ain't safe no more
'I'm just trying to build my self to act as a truly better man'
'See the water ain't safe no more'
'Nah nah'

'The water ain't safe no more'
I'm just trying to be a solid oak tree for every child to carve
its name across
'The water ain't safe no more'
I'm just trying to be the dream of every peasant the hurricane
can offer
'I'm just trying to be some body I can talk to in the morning
with a smile'
The Water ain't safe no more..."

"Water" by Aesop Rock

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