Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There’s a need for finding a balance between the physical and the conceptual, the visual and the metaphysical, the perceived and the actual.
The drum of life and living beats at changing paces, and everyone experiences it (even if they’re not in tune to it). Because we are all connected, we are affected by one another. Although we don’t necessarily see it or understand it directly, the connection is still there. We’re constantly playing a game of dominos—when one is pushed, the others are at risk of falling. If we’re not close enough, we stay erect…at least for the time being. But the pieces will be rearranged, and there are more in the box that can take the place of those that have fallen.
Can we be completely replaced? And if we are replaced, how does that affect the other side?
Is balance achievable? If one side is balanced, is the other?
Maybe balance is achievable, but not everyone is a part of it—maybe you are not a part of it. But if not every one is a part of it…is that really balance?

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