Monday, October 29, 2012

Some thoughts that have crossed my mind more than a few times...

Is it possible that, like light, our actions have already occurred and we are only perceiving them now because of time? Is it possible that we are already dead?

Maybe death is when it all comes together, where time has no relevance but also where time means everything. So without life, death means nothing. And without death, we cannot see everything come together. 
Is death one instance, or does it expand? Is there life in death?

Maybe in life the universe is us; in death, we become the universe.
And what if we are all one being? What if it is just me? Who is "me"? Who are you? Are you me? Am I you? Maybe we are all part of one being, but we stop at different points. Maybe some people have stopped at similar points; some are behind; some are ahead. 

I want to believe that it all comes together in the end, if there is an end. Maybe time itself doesn't exist. Maybe it moves and moves but goes nowhere. Maybe we have already unknowingly, blindly found what we keep trying to look for. Maybe we have arrived.

Maybe it's all so simple.

The only thing that I can prove is that my mind is real.

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